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Internal pulse oximetry module in a compact size with low power draw

External pulse oximetry module in a compact size with a low power draw

 “Pulse oximetry may overestimate arterial oxyhemoglobin saturation (SaO2) at low SaO2 levels. We studied the relationship between skin pigment and oximeter accuracy in 36 subjects (19 males, 17 females) of a range of skin tones. The mean bias (SpO2 _ SaO2) for the 70%–80% saturation range was 2.61% for the Masimo Radical with clip-on sensor, 2.59% for the Nellcor clip and 0.60% for the Nonin clip. Multivariate analysis indicated that SaO2 level, sensor type, skin color, and gender were predictive of errors in SpO2 estimates at low SaO2 levels
International Anesthesia Research Society

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WristOx2 Model 3150 BLE

OEM pulse oximeter with Bluetooth wireless technology

3230 Bluetooth Smart

OEM finger pulse oximeter with Bluetooth smart wireless technology

3231 USB

OEM finger pulse oximeter with USB connector

OEM II Veterinary

Internal pulse oximetry module designed for veterinary use

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Sensmart 3500SP

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Multi-sensing oximetry component for SpO2, rSO2, COHb and MetHb